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Long Beach CC May 11th - Just another day in the life of an artist

Nuke The Fridge - Nov 10th - Just another day in the life of an artist

Up before dawn, load the car, grab an energy drink at AM/PM after getting gas and I'm on the road by 6AM. It's almost a two hour drive to Frank and Sons that hosts Nuke The Fridge (NTF) and other one-day pop-culture events. I got set up in about an hour just as they opened the doors to the public. Ray Park was originally sitting in the aisle behind me, but they had to move him because he started drawing such a huge line.

Eventually things settled down enough I could attempt to draw something, I tried sketching something in ink, but was too out of focus mentally to give it my all so I settled for doing some fun satirical marker images of Hello Kitty in a TIE fighter and similar parodies. I talked to several fans, met a few new ones who had seen me at LVCC and follow me on FB.

A little after 10:30 my Spidy senses started tingling and then out of the corner of my eye walking in with an escort from American Icon, came Sara Underwood. I stopped her and chatted for a second while I have her one of my Super-Sara buttons and some collector cards (with her images on them) to hand out if she wanted. Later my friend Josh grabbed me with a nod of his head motioning to the America Icon table and I told the guy behind me, who was Pat Jankowitz, who writes for Fangoria, "Could you please watch my table? I have to go talk to Sara Underwood." to which he chuckled, "I wish I had that sort of problem." We both smiled.

The rest of the afternoon slowed down quite a bit. My awesome friend Rose and her boyfriend, Erick stopped by. Rose was cos-playing a female Rufio (from the movie Hook). BTW check out her Uber cool bird-skull ring! Anyway, I'm noticing a trend where females are cross-cos-playing male characters. Not like 'batgirl' but the female version of a male chacter/hero/villan. Later Rose came and watched my table while I went with Josh to get introduced to Ray Park. I chilled out behind his table with him and Josh (my friend Josh is a friend of Ray's) while Ray was interview by Kat Sheridan, who had earlier interviewed yours truly. I finally got to talk a bit to Ray one-on-one about doing some images of him. He was very receptive to the idea. I also presented him with two of my Darth Maul marker sketches for his son and daughter.

Josh and I ended up hanging out with some mutual friends at a BBQ (including the most awesome Kat Sheridan), watching Starship Troopers, and spontaneously making a short B-movie till 3AM. I arrived back in San Diego about 24 hours after I had left. The sun was just coming up as I was pulling in. I got a few hours of sleep before I got up and started working on my next project.

Highlight photos:

A green R2 unit checks out my assassin, D'Mitra.
Quite the crowd
Josh talking to Pat Jankowitz
Rose posing at my table with her avian-skull ring
Chilling at Ray Park's table with Kat and Josh
Ray Park and me

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