"2 Point O" 11X17 Print by Kipsworld Art

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11x17 Print of my original painting using acrylics and inks on paper.  A statement to what is becoming of humankind and our soul.  We keep becoming more and more immersed in technology regardless pain it brings us.  The model is Vanessa Louis a German tattoo model.  The reference photo was taken by Reiner Gan, used with permission.  You can see more of his amazing work here:  https://www.instagram.com/photography_groeppner_r/?hl=de

Vanessa's work can be found at: https://www.instagram.com/_vanessalouis_/?hl=de

The background was airbrushed first.  Then the image of Vanessa and the large parts of the robots were added with the cybernetic implants and attached cables finishing the image.

Yes the QR code works.  Buy the painting or a print and see where it takes you ;)