"Death Dealer" 11X17 Print by Kipsworld Art

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11x17 Print of my original painting using acrylics and water colors on illustration board.  The ref photo used is of Miss Mandy a Swedish fetish model; photo by Daniel Kopp Photography, used with permission.   This is sort of my own take on a death dealer from the movie "Underworld", I added Tyr's rune Tiwaz as a nod to my own Norse beliefs as Tyr is our god of justice and my vampire Death Dealer is judge, jury, and executioner.

I had done this as a demo sketch at Yuma-con one year for a panel I was presenting on fantasy art techniques.  I loved the composition so much I ended up rendering it as a larger painting.  Everything is handbrushed.  The faded blue background was done with watercolor, the rest is acrylics.