"D'Mitra" 11x17 Print by Kipsworld Art

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11x17 print of my original 20x30 painting using acrylics on paper.  This was the third image of my ill-fated assassin femme-fatale character, "D'Mitra".  This images has been featured in the international book of art, "Infected By Art" vol 1. 




I am the whisper in the night when you stroll alone down a pathway best not taken.

I am the icy chill you feel down your spine when you turn an no one's there.

I am there, lurking the shadow.

I am why you fear the dark.

I am the machine that kills.

I am D'Mitra, assassin, friend to none.


The background was carefully sponged after foreground subject was completed with tradition brush methods.