"Raubvogel" Original 20x30 Acrylic and mixed media painting by Kipsworld Art

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20x30 Original acrylic painting on paper.  The JU-87 G1 Stuka is one of my favorite WW2 aircraft.  It was nicknamed the "Tank Buster" and played havoc with allied advancing tanks and heavy artillery.  The current USAF A-10 Warthog takes much of it's general design from concepts developed in the JU87-G1/2. 

After I did the initial sketch, I lightly airbrushed a grey and did a little bit of a wash in spots before painting and inking the foreground subjects.  The white engineering images were done with a white ink an usually required a recoat.  Some of the aircraft is done with acrylics, while some is done with Copic inks.  The femme-fatale / dominatrix was painting with acrylics.  "Raubvogel" loosely translates to "Bird of Prey"