"Thunder Goddess" - Original 20x30 Acrylic Painting by Kipsworld Art

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20x30 acrylic painting on high-quality paper of Toni Darling as Thor.   Since her and I are both of Scandinavian decent, we had been talking about our gods and what if Thor were female?  This image was based on a photo she had already.  It was our first of many collaborations.  We debuted this original piece with our second Thor piece at Phoenix Comic-Con in 2012.

We debuted the original piece at Phoenix Comic-Con in 2012. The foreground and subject are entirely hand brushed, the foggy background is done with an airbrush. If you are in the Phoenix AZ area, this piece is occasionally on display at The Arizona Mead Company in Chandler, AZ.  The 11x17 print is also available.